February news letter 

Important news There will be no meeting in March we will be hosting the bull roast. The date is March 7th at 7:30 pm at the snapper inn. Cost is 40$ for members 40$ for non members. There will be a ice sculpture of our logo according to John.

New Members 3 new members were introduced to the club
Brandon Aponte, Chris Gallino, and Steve Rerrao introduced by Jesse Marro, frank Marro and John Alberts.
David terry was voted in
That brings our roster to 65 members our goal is 75 members

Officer report

President report the fishing committee came out with the fishing Calendar. Everyone will revive one by mail. You can also find it on the website by clicking the link Tournaments on the right side. Everyone will receive a copy of the flounder tournament flyer and bull roast invitation by mail as well.

Dates for upcoming events

Bull roast will be March 7th at 7:30pm
2nd annual flounder tournament will be April 24th Perch tournament March 29th

President report

John Albers reports about the recipe book. Every month we are going to select top recipes for a certain type of fish that is in season.
This months recipes will be Cod fish, Duck and Deer recipes. If you have a recipe bring it to the next meeting. The only recipe handed in at the February meeting was the rod reed sr. Took a pee.


Vice President reports

Tolin Farrell spoke about tournament turn outs have been good and we need to keep that up.

Treasurer Report

Frank reports that the clubs balance is $4,012
We are about 1,000 ahead from this date last year due to better attendance and more members.
Start of a new year and. "Dues is dues"
You must hand in your dues at the bull roast in order to be eligible for the perch tournament.
Also any dues after the bull roast will have a $10 late fee added to your dues.


Rod reed sr. told a story about shark tournament. The had 4 makos hooked to the boat. The boat wouldn't started and they had to be towed back. Quote of the night.

"Drink club with a fishing problem" Rod reed sr.

Unfinished business

Adding Facebook
website is
Any pictures please send them In by
Txt 6319423183 or email There is a Instagram

New business

Our meetings will be held at the Wharf until further notice. There will be a trophy for the flounder and bass tournament. There will be a cod trip February 22nd
The Viking starship leaves out of Montauk

At 3am and returns 3pm
For up to date information on this trip you can visit there web site at

Fishing report

Surf casting for the tournaments will discussed with the fishing committee and then voted on at the next.


Spoke about sea robins and how they are actually a fair dinner plate.

The Canyon runners seminar will be held February 28th at the Hilton Long Island in Huntington you can find more information at

The only fish weighed in was
Ralph Ranghelli with a
2.0 lb. white perch bringing his fish point to 3,006 and taking over all the top spots for the start of the year.

Dark horse winner was Doug Schroeder

Next meeting is Thursday April 2nd 8pm at the wharf. Since the bull roast will be in place of the March meeting.

End of report


Oakdale Sportsmen's Club Newsletter

 Important news Tonight will be the fishing committee meeting free beer at 6pm wharf

New Members   David Terry introduced by Jon Alberta 63 members are goal is 75 members                  

  Officer report President  John spoke about Tolin Farrell did great in his first roll call. Also we selected the committees which are the following  Committes  • Auditing and budgeting Rob Mailand • Conversation George Remmer  • Election of committees Ralph Ranghelli and Doug Schroeder • Entertainment Anthony Palisi • Good and welfare rocky Varone And Doug Schroeder   • Historical Rod Read sr  • Members Steve Schultz Jon Albers Tolin Farrell  Frank Marro  • News letter James Marro  • Nominating committees Ralph Ranghelli Frankie Marro • Bylaws Doug Schroeder • Prize Joe Lubrano  • Year book James Marro John Albers  • Fishing committee • Gorge Remmer James Marro Kevin Krause  Ralph Ranghelli  Frankie Marro John Albers Doug Schroeder  President report 
John Albers  4th year as president wants to add a recipe book. Every month we are going to select top recipes for a certain type of fish that is in season. These recipes will be published in a book to raise money. Cook off for top recipes may be held on the spring round up.  This months recipes will be Cod fish, Duck and Deer recipes. If you have a recipe bring it to the next meeting.     Vice President reports   Tolin Farrell spoke about tournament turn outs have been good and we need to keep that up. 
Treasurer Report Frank reports  that the club has $5600 in the bank. "Dues is dues". Unfinished business  Adding Facebook  website is There is a Instagram oakdalesportsmensclub New business  No tournaments in febuary  There will be a cod trip febuary 8th The Viking starship leaves out of mountauk  At 3am and returns 3pm  Surf casting for the tournaments will discussed with the fishing commite and then voted on at the next meeting.  Christmas party was a great success and we greatly appreciate all the effort from George Remmer. 
Fishing report  The Canyon runners seminar will be held February
The only fish weighed in was  Ralph Ranghelli with a  6LB black fish  Next meeting Thursday February 5th 8pm Snapper Inn                                     End of report


     Oakdale sportsmen club Newsletter
                            Next meeting Thursday May 1st 8pm @Snapper Inn
Non Member guest     Frank Falco,  Andrew Quinn, James Mailand, Ken Sanger.
President Report  John Thanked everybody who came to the Bull Roast we had a great turnout John also spoke in depth about the upcoming flounder tournament we will need all the help we can get he would like to see all our members participate in the open tournament as well as the club tournament we also need a good turnout at the captains meeting .
Vice president  Eric talked about membership and the need for the club to bring in new members
we had four members introduced at the last meeting lets keep it up.
Treasurer report Dr Ralph not present
Secretary Report Doug took notes during the meeting.
                                          Committee Reports
Fishing Tournament results  Perch tournament 1st Brian McCormack 2nd Dr. Ralph 3rd Frank Marro
                      Good Of Club
At the next meeting Tom Schlicter of the fisherman magazine will be our guest speaker please try to be on time . He will be selling custom calanders for $20 at the meeting.
     50/50 mike Collins Dark horse Tolin. 



Oakdale Sportsmen club Newsletter Minutes of the November meeting

                           NEXT MEETING CHRISTMAS PARTY SATURDAY DEC. 7 8PM  Wharf (see details below)
Non member guest none 
new member vote  Mike Kunner voted in.
                             Officers reports
President   John led a discussion about the great bass fishing on diamond jigs in the ocean. The Holiday Party was also noted to be discussed under old business. Also hunting season is upon us and all members should practice safety first and to catch'em up.
 Vice president   Read roll call. Steve had some sad news to share. Rich Ludwig, a lifetime member passed away while on a cruise with his wife in Greece. This is a very hard time for everybody. Rich was a great guy .He was an American Veteran as a gunner for a boat in Vietnam He Was a very tough man.
Secretary not present.
                                          Committee Reports
             Weigh slips/ Tournament results
               Mike Collins 13lb Bluefish
               Mike Collins  34lb Bass
               Rob Mailand 25lb Bass
                Tolin     23lb Bass
                                                              Good Of the Club /
                                                           Officer Nominations for 2014
                                                              President  John Albers.
                                                              Vice President Steve Schultz / Erick Muller
                                                              Treasurer Ralph Ranghelli
                                                              Secretary Doug Schroeder
                     tony Salerno emailed the club stating that he wishes everyone is well and that he is sorry that he had to take a leave of absence from the club due to medical issues. Its been a struggle but he is hanging tough doing well. The club was grateful for his thoughts and wish him a healthy recovery.
           There were 22 members present at the meeting. We like to have a minimum of 30 members attend, so come on down.
        Steve Schultz discussed his Georgia pig hunt where he got two pigs with a 308 weatherby. The trip cost an estimated $1000 and he recommends it to all. You can only go every 3 years.He brought us to his state of mind ,So there I was sitting with my back to a tree resting with Redfish jumping out of the creek, perfect serenity. I nodded in and out of a sleep but woke up pissed off. I saw Alligator prints within 20 ft. of me with evidence of the tail dragging in the mud it could hav ate me, HOLY ****,scary. Luckily, Steve wasn't had by the Alligator and was able to share his great trip with us.
                                  HOLIDAY PARTY DETIALS
                              The party will be on Saturday Dec 7 8pm till11pm There will be a $20 fee for beer / wine soda and Smirnoff drinks.
                               There will be food Wings Heros clams and other treats. Pay At The Door. Guest are welcome  There will be a short
                                meeting and a vote for vice President  You can come for the meeting and vote but if you wish to stay for the food
                                 and drinks the cost is $20  There will also be a grab bag  the gift should be a minimum of $20 and wrapped.
                                      Hope to see everybody at the Wharf Dec.7 8pm.


               Minutes of the Oct 2013 meeting
                   Next meeting Thursday Nov. 7 8pm Snapper Inn
New Members   Mike Kunner  introduced by Doug
                            Officer Reports
    President  John spoke about the fall roundup / steak night which was a huge success we had steaks on the barbecue for the first time .He also thanked Frank Marro for getting them Anthony Palisi for cooking them.
Vice President Steve spoke about membership witch has stayed around 55 members for a while now we need to bring in more new members.
 Treasurer  Ralph reports  that the club has $5600 in the bank all bills are paid.
Secretary Doug reports that all is well with the newsletter but the wesite has not been getting to many hits lately the website is
                     Committee Reports
  Fishing      Weigh slips submitted  Tom Luciano 6.5lb Ling,Kevin Krause 20lb Mahi, Pete Ranando Blufish 16lb, Tom Luciano 12.5lb Pollack, George 6.5 weekfish.
               Tournament results  Fall roundup  1st George 2nd Ralph 3rd Joe Lorre.
                  Good of club
      Rich Remmer  recently traveled to Prince Edward Isl. and fished for giant tuna. It was quiet a trip fishing only 3 to 5 miles offshore and catching 700 to 1000 lb tuna folling behind herrinb dragging 300ft of gillnetting. He urges anybody who is interested to go.
Our Christmas party has been set for Friday Dec 6 at the wharf there will be a grab bag. More details to follow check your emails.
 George has announced the date for the wharf tournament it will be on Sunday Nov. 10 call Wharf for details.
John has set up a pool for a raffle boxes are $10 each he will have a yeti cooler for 1st prize.
 Nominations for 2014 Officer positions will be held at the Nov meeting.
                            End of report




Non member guest    Former member Jay was in town and stoped by to join in the meeting
New member vote none.
                                       Officers Reports
President            John spoke about the upcomming fishing season he would like to see
                           everybody to participate. We have a good tournament schedule and members should get out and fish.
Vice President           Steve talked about membership the club needs to bring in new members the more members the more the club can do. This is the time to introduce new members so they can take advantage of the whole season.
Treasurer            Dr Ralph  reports that the club is in good shape with mce_markernbsp;6800 . He also wants to remind everybody that the dues are past due and there is a $10 late fee . The dues are as follows Reg member $130+10 -$140 Lifetime $65+$10- $75  New member $180 .
Secretary       Doug Read the minutes of the previous meeting. Reports that everybody is  rcceving the newsletter via email.
                              COMMITTEE REPORTS
       CONSERVATION  George reports that the breech at old inlet that was created by hurricane Sandy has increased in width to about 90ft. There is a large debate by the powers to be weather to close it or not .It has not been decided as of the april meeting.
                         UPCOMMING TOURNAMENT
              Spring bass/ Weakfish rodeo  Start monday 5/13 weigh inn5pm sun 5/19 wharf
                       for detials check website
Good of club     Tolin traveled to mexico and had a great time with some good fishing
                         James Marro also traveled to Mexico he also hade a great time with some good fishing.
                                        Tournament  Results
       Pearch tournament was hheld on St Pats. day and even with many club members plying there craft there were no pearch to be had.
        Flounder  1st place Steve Schultz 2nd. Ron Reed Sr. 3rd Dr. Ralph.



April 2013


Officers Reports
Due to the Bull Roast there where no officer reports
Committee Reports
Due to the bull Roast there where no committee reports
Good of club
The Bull roast took place this past saturday at the Snapper Inn , The turnout was excellent as was the food . It was great to see so many members in attendence . We did try to have a makeshift meeting ,but it was impossible, I mentioned to Dr Ralph it is hard to have a meeting at our regular meetings let alone having one at the Bull Roast. This subject will be taken up at the the next officers meeting. As for the awards they are as follows.
Everyone at the Bull Roast Recived A copy of the fishing Rules please read them.
Offshore fish of the year James Marro 80lb Tuna
Inshore fish of the year Kevin Krause 46lb Striped bass
Great south bay fish of the year 32lb Bass George Remmer/Jesse Marro
Captian of the year Frank Marro
Perch Tournament results
The perch tournament took place St. pat,s day It was very cold, but as I crusied up the river in my nephews boat with great anticapation of winning the tournament as I was shure everybody else from the club that I saw on the river was .It dident take long to relize this was not last year. we searched and searched and searched but not one perch not even a nibble ,so we called it a day. and retreted to the wharf, where we met with all the other club members that searched and searched and searched, and came to the conclusiou that there were no perch in the river.
Upcomming tournament
Flounder Tournament Sunday pluse one
Start date April 1 Weigh inn 5pm wharf april 7
End of report


                            MARCH 2013
Non member guest Randy the roofer introduced by Steve Schultz
               Officers reports
President John not presant at meeting.
Vice president.         Steve reports that the club needs to increase membership  he asked all members to try to help out.He also spoke about the wounded warrior project. he would like to see members particapte in this.
Treasurer report. Ralph reports that the club is in fine shape but he still has to buy prizes for the Bull roast. he also started collecting dues . All dues are due by the Bull roast dues are as follows. new members 180 reg members 130 life members 65 if you cant make the Bull Roast please mail dues to p.o. box 56 oakdale ny 11769.
Secretary report.  Doug reports that the emailing of the newsletter has been going well and saving the club some money.
                     Committee reports
fishing .   The folling weigh slips were submitted Tom  Luciano white perch 2.22lb
Conservation.  George spoke about the bunker population how it has been declining for a long time. but there are new limits on the amount of bunker that can be harvested wich shouldhelp restore the depleted numbers.
     Good of club
   the fishing committee will meet soon and the new calander will be sent to all members
   There is also a new website the address is there is no search engine yet you have to type it in on the top bar of your computer but it is up and running and the  fishing calender is already on it. You can send any fishing photos to
  end of report.





 Oakdale Sportsmen Club Newsletter Feb 2013

Next meeting Thursday Feb 7 2013 8pm Snapper Inn.
Non Members guest None
New member vote None
Officers Reports
Presidents John reported that the Christmas Party was very good with all that attended had a great time. We would like to continue it next year. He also thanked everybody for the past year and is looking foward to leading the club again this year.
Vice President Steve spoke about recuriting new members, now is the time to do. He asked the club members to try to recruite new members.
Treasurer Dr. Ralph said that the club is in good shape. However the club has to pay for the club prizes at the upcomming bull Roast. Ralph also reminded everybody that dues are due with the cost being the same as last year: $130 reg member $65 life member and are due by the Bull Roast or there will be a $10 late fee.
Secretary Doug talked about the mailing of the newsletter which seems to be going good. I also spoke about the mailing I did for the Christmas party which everybody should have received.
Committee Reports
Conservation George reports that all of the breeches that hurricane Sandy caused have been filled by the D.E.C execpt the one at old inlet they are going to study it for another month or so before the decide whether they will fill it or not.
Good of club
Paul talked about all of the fishing and tackle shows comming up. somthing to do in the winter.
Upcomming Events
The BULL ROAST will be in March the date is not set but keep it in mind as it is one of our finest affair's
Good and welfare
Rocky was very ill over the holidays with vertigo I spoke to him over the phone and he is doing much better and should be ready to get back to normal in Feb.
50/50 Jesie Marro. Dark Horse ?