Club History


Harvey Langabeard with a weakfish!

Scarry to think what they used to cook with!

The Bullroast was a formal affair!

Are those codfish? Haven't seen one of them in years!

Howie with a FAT tuna!

Larry Schaefer's Boat heading for the Bayshore Mako

Larry Oehler could catch fish!

The Swordfish was the most elusive fish for years.

Mike Plia with a nice fluke

Ray Schmitt with a nice bass

Jim Schaefer Junior tying up the Equinil.

Ruth & Ray Schmitt and other unknown!

Larry Schaefer & Russ Kittel fishing the Bayshore Mako

Larry Schaefer's boat with a big mess

Now that's some cat food!!!

Nice White Marlin on board the Wide Open

Nice Codfish

Anyone for Footballs

Swordfish at Schmidts backyard

Wide Open Too at the Bayshore

Jim Butler with some real slobs

Thats a World Record 355lb Bigeye

Big Bluefin

Bigeyes ruled

The Equinil crew during the Canyon Haydays.

Nice Sword & Bigeye

Larry Oehler, Fisherman of the year


DJ & Jimmy catching swords & Crabs

Former Fisherman of the Year, Chid DiLibertino

Cap'tn Will Schaefer at the Helm modeling his best cruiseware!

Dr. Jim Schaefer posing with a Hefty bigeye!

Howie Coming.....

...Howie Going

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